My Fees

  • Hourly Fee - £3.75
  • Outside of normal hours - 1.5 times hourly fee
  • Sickness of child / parent - Normal Fee
  • Sickness of Childminder - No Fee
  • Parents annual holiday - Normal Fee
  • Bank Holidays - Closed

I ask that fees are paid in advance, either a week or a month and can accept cash or direct bank transfer. I also accept childcare vouchers through your employer. Late payment charges are applicable at £5 per day.


As a parent that has previously been working for others, I fully understand how we can all be late sometimes. However, repeat occurrences can be disruptive to all children within my care and so I charge a late collection and drop off fee of £5.

All snacks, drinks, toddler sessions and trips are included within my fee however parents will need to supply me with a change of clothes, nappies and nappy cream, sun lotion and baby milk / formula where applicable.